Supported systems (01-aug-14)



GILDAS compiles successfully and is (at least minimally) tested on the following systems:

ProcessorOperating SystemCompilation environment

ix86 Linux Native
x86_64 Linux Native
ix86 Windows MINGW
x86_64 MacOSX MacPorts

The reference system at IRAM is a Scientific Linux 6.4 running on a 64 bits PC (x86_64 processor), using the Intel Fortran-90 compiler (ifort) version 11.1. Please consider that powerpc-based Mac OSX machines are not supported anymore. Please refer to the Download section to get the necessary information to build Gildas.


Successful building of GILDAS binaries on a UNIX/Linux/OSX system minimally requires:

Needed tools to build documentation

Successful building of PDF/HTML documentation minimally requires recent versions of:

For your convenience, we distribute compiled PDF/HTML documentation in case you do not have those tools.