test spectra

frequency, GHz source receiver gi corrected ?
77.11 B1 A100+B100 no
72.10 L 183 A100 yes
72.10 L183 B100 yes
70.68 IRC 10216 A100 no
72.85 IRC 10216 B100 yes
74.10 IRC 10216 A100 yes
74.10 IRC 10216 B100 yes
74.80 K 3-50A B100 no
72.60 Orion KL A100 yes
72.60 Orion KL B100 yes
74.80 W51 D B100 no
76.35 W51 E1E2 A100 no
74.10 W51 E1E2 A100 yes
74.10 W51 E1E2 B100 yes
80.50 W3 H2O A100+B100 no
Clemens Thum  08-July-2004
NOTE: the spectra made available here remain the property of the test team. Permission to use or reproduce any of this material. must be obtained from the authors.