Proposal preparation

Proposals for observation with the IRAM 30m telescope may be submitted twice per year, currently in March for the summer scheduling period and in September for the winter period. Exact dates and all other relevant technical information are given in separate ``Call for proposals'' which are published in printed form in the IRAM Newsletter usually about a month ahead of a deadline, and on the IRAM web page.

Proposals for observation with the IRAM 30m telescope consist of the official cover page, up to two pages of text describing the scientific case which may be supported by additional (up to 2) pages of tables and figures. The cover page (in postscript format or as a Latex file) and a Latex style file can be downloaded from our web pages.

To help with the preparation of 30m proposals a Time Estimator is available which, in its present version 2.5, handles all standard spectroscopic observing modes including HERA and bolometer observations.