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Frequency scans with the IRAM 30m telescope

Two frequency scans are currently available, both of IRC 10216: the first one covers the 3mm window (80.1 - 115.5 GHz), the second one covers the 2mm window (129.05 - 172.55 GHz) and is published in Astron. and Astrophys. 355, 831 (2000). The spectra are made available here by the authors in the form of a series of postscript files, 6 for the 3mm scan and 23 at 2mm. Entering a frequency in the window below will return one page of spectra which contain the requested frequency.

The authors (Cernicharo, Guelin, and Kahane) also provide some explanatory text for both the 3mm scan and the 2mm scan. Questions should be addressed directly to them (e.g.

frequency, GHz: (integer number)


updated on 28.07.1999 by Clemens Thum