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Travel to the 30m telescope

Astronomers visiting the 30m telescope to observe their accepted proposals are requested to communicate their precise travel plans to the IRAM office in Granada and to send a list of frequencies for their observations to the receiver group at the telescope.

For these purposes the following electronic form has to be filled in :

You can also use the old paper forms, which have to be filled in and sent by fax to the Granada office :

  • travel dates (each member of an observing team, not just the P.I., fills in and sends this form)
  • list of frequencies (needed only for projects with unusual frequencies)
Visiting astronomers are required to carefully read the note on travel to Pico Veleta and to follow its instructions.

Astronomers supported by the IRAM funding agencies (MPG, CNRS, IGN) can have their travel cost and lodging expenses reimbursed by IRAM. Normally, one or two observers are supported per proposal, depending on the duration of the observations and other details. German astronomers who are not supported by the MPG may also be eligible to travel reimbursement in particular cases. They are requested to fill in a special form to be returned to C.Berjaud at IRAM (fax: +33-476-425469).