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        [WEEDS\]LID  [/SPECIES  Name1 Name2 ...] [/ENERGY Value] [/AIJ Amin]
    [[/DELTA Df] | [/FULL]] [/IMAGE] [/LOOP] [/COLOR Name] [/ANGLE Value]

    Search for lines in the database around a  central  frequency  and  mark
    them  on  the  current spectra. By default, the central frequency is se-
    lected with the mouse left button. The search is done in an interval  of
    width  DFREQ around the selected frequency; alternatively, the /FULL op-
    tion may be used to search for lines over  the  entire  frequency  range
    covered by the current spectra. The line database in which the search is
    performed may be selected with the USE IN command.

    Search options:
        /SPECIES  refine the search to lines of one  or  more  species.  The
                  species  name  should  match exactly that in the database.
                  Wildcards '*' are accepted. Default is "All".

        /ENERGY   refine the search to lines with upper level  energy  lower
                  than ENERGY, expressed in Kelvins.

        /AIJ      refine  the  search  to  lines with Einstein A coefficient
                  greater than AMIN, expressed in s-1.

        /DELTA    search for lines within DFREQ, expressed in MHz, from  the
                  cursor position. Default is 10 times the channel width.

        /FULL     search  for  lines  in the full frequency range covered by
                  the current spectra.

        /IMAGE    search for lines in the image sideband. Note that this  is
                  the default if the spectra lower axis unit is I (image).

        /LOOP      by  default, the cursor is invoked only once, but you can
                  iterate indefinitely with the option /LOOP.  Type  'E'  to
                  exit the loop.

    Plot options:
        /COLOR    customize  the  color  of  the line and its label. See PEN
                  /COLOUR ? or Menu > Demos > Greg > PENCIL color names  for
                  possible  colors. By default, the lines are plotted in red
                  for signal band and blue for image band.

        /ANGLE    customize the angle of the label (degrees). Default is 90.

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