Welcome to the ORION-B project

Molecular lines and line ratios are commonly used to infer properties of Galactic and extra-galactic star forming regions. The new generation of (sub-)millimeter receivers turns every observation nearly into a line survey. To fully exploit this technical advance in extra-galactic studies requires detailed bench-marking of available line diagnostics. We aim to develop the Orion B Giant Molecular Cloud as a local template for interpreting Galactic and extra-galactic molecular line observations.


2019-02-06: Jan H. Orkisz's second paper is accepted by A&A - A dynamically young, gravitationally stable network of filaments in Orion B.

2018-10-22: Jan H. Orkisz successfully defended his PhD Thesis - Understanding the structure of molecular clouds : multi-line wide-field imaging of Orion B.

2017-10-02: Emeric Bron's paper is accepted by A&A - Clustering the Orion B giant molecular cloud based on its molecular emission.

2017-05-24: The ORION-B project is noticed in Nature - Astrophysics: Multi-molecular views of a stellar nursery.

2017-03-07: First ORION-B press release to celibrate the publications of the first three papers in the same A&A issue - Beyond the appearances: The anatomy of the Orion Jedi revealed by radio-astronomy.

2017-01-13: Pierre Gratier's paper is accepted by A&A - Dissecting the molecular structure of the Orion B cloud: Insight from Principal Component Analysis.

2017-01-02: Jan H. Orkisz's paper is accepted by A&A - Turbulence and star formation efficiency in molecular clouds: solenoidal versus compressive motions in Orion B.

2016-11-08: The first ORION-B paper (Jérôme Pety's one) is accepted by A&A - The anatomy of the Orion B Giant Molecular Cloud: A local template for studies of nearby galaxies.

2016-10-12: The ORION-B project is now on ResearchGate - ORION-B: The Anatomy of a Giant Molecular Cloud.